Never stress about food shopping again

The only product that understands what you have and what you need.

Meal planning as easy as TOAST

Isn’t it strange that other meal planning apps assume you cook every meal? With TOAST you can add a meal from our recipe library, add your own recipe or if you fancy a fresh supermarket pizza and chips from the local takeaway you can add them to your meal calendar.

  • Always have what you need in your kitchen
  • Reduce your food waste
  • See nutrition information for your household
  • Build your shopping lists dynamically

Ready to cook

Find great recipes with easy to use instructions and clear ingredient lists that adapt automatically to how many people are eating. By tagging who is eating which meals you can access nutrition advice such as “Fred is having a lot of salt this weekend, maybe switch out the olives for cucumber.”


What’s in the fridge?

There is nothing worse than going to the fridge to make a meal and find a product out of date or that someone has already eaten it. By telling TOAST what you have in your kitchen it can alert you when foods are going off and give you options such as to freeze or switch meals around during the week.

And if someone eats a few extra pieces of chicken, we got you covered, TOAST will let you know what products and ingredients you need to buy based on what you already have in your kitchen.


Getting your food

TOAST will generate a shopping list of all your missing ingredients and products, if you only want to buy items for the next few days because you want everything to be fresh then no problem as TOAST can generate your shopping list for a day, a week, a month.

TOAST can even generate you a weekly shopping list of all the non-perishable items and then create daily or bi-weekly lists for your fresh produce.

Let me know when I can download TOAST

TOAST is launching soon, you can use TOAST for free on Android and iOS.